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Shoulder Surgery

Despite being one of the most complex joints in the body, a large percentage of shoulder problems can be corrected with conservative treatment options.

The main shoulder problems we treat include impingement with bursitis or rotator cuff tendon tears, instability and arthritis. While there are many other causes of pain and disability related to the shoulder, these common problems are evaluated and treated by Dr. Jefferson.

Conservative treatments cure a large percentage of shoulder problems. Because the stability of the shoulder is so dependent on muscle and tendon function, simple exercises can often be performed to improve shoulder stability and decrease the degree of impingement. Dr. Jefferson also offers arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures to treat most forms of instability, impingement and rotator cuff tears.

Arthritis of the shoulder can be treated conservatively with activity modification, gentle exercises, medications supplements or injections. If conservative treatment approaches fail, partial, complete or reverse shoulder replacements can be performed once all treatment options have been exhausted.

Whether your shoulder problem is due to injury, overuse or general wear and tear, Dr. Jefferson has the tools to provide treatment for your shoulder pain and injury.

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